Ramírez Lezcano urges a day of peace in elections in Brazil

Ramírez Lezcano urges a day of peace in elections in Brazil

Rubén Ramírez Lezcano, former national foreign minister, is in Brazil, leading a team of more than 50 people as an observer for the Organization of American States (OAS) for the Brazilian presidential elections to be held tomorrow, Sunday. More than 1,600 authorities will be elected on the day.

“We spoke with the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, together with the members of his cabinet. We also talked with his secretary general, with his minister of foreign affairs and his secretary of defense. Also with the president of the Superior Electoral Court, with the Senate and with the head of the Public Ministry. We spoke with campaign leaders from the Liberal Party, the Workers’ Party, the Democratic Labor Party, and the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), academics, and more,” he said.

He argued that the compiled inputs will allow a comprehensive analysis of election day. “I take this opportunity to highlight the civic will of the 2 million people who will be at the voting tables. It is important that citizens go to the polls responsibly and promote an environment of peace so that a civic and violence-free day can take place on Sunday. To await the result that the Electoral Court will give”, he commented.

He urged that any claim be made through the corresponding channels.

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