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Third fight between «Gallo» and «Chocolatito» will be in Arizona on December 3

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Third fight between «Gallo» and «Chocolatito» will be in Arizona on December 3

The third fight between the Mexican Juan Francisco ‘Gallo’ Estrada, franchise champion of the World Boxing Council of the weight let’s overcome it, and the Nicaraguan Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez, It will be on December 3 at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona (USA).

The promoter Matchroom Boxing announced this Saturday, October 1, on its social networks the venue for the long-awaited fight, which will continue with a rivalry between two of the best light boxing weights in this century, both former world champions.

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The “Chocolatito” defeated Estrada in November 2012, but in the second duel, in March of last year, which was among the candidates for fights in 2021 due to the more than 2,000 blows that the Mexican and the Nicaraguan threw, he lost.

The desired third match between the two gladiators was ready to take place in March of this year, but Estrada fell ill with covid-19 and the aftermath prevented him from going into the ring to face the Central American.

Román “Chocolatito” González arrives, champion of Daniel Ortega’s political revenue. Photo: Barricade / Government media.

After 16 months inactive due to covid-19, Estrada, 32, returned to a ring on September 3 by defeating his compatriot Argi Cortés by unanimous decision, with which he showed that he was ready to fight with González.

The “Gallo” record improved to 43 wins, 28 by knockout, and three losses, while González will face one of his great rivals with a mark of 51 wins, 41 prematurely, and three falls, one by knockout.

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González, 35, boxed for the last time last March, defeating Mexican Julio César “Rey” Martínez by unanimous decision.

“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I feel great on the training ground. You have to work much harder than others in boxing if you want more. Experience, defensive qualities and really hard work. These are important keys », expressed the Nicaraguan when he revealed last August that in December he would face Estrada.

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