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Rains: federal government releases R$ 2.4 million to Angra dos Reis

The federal government announced, this Monday (4), the emergency release of R$ 2.4 million for the municipality of Angra dos Reis, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, which was hit hard by the rains over the weekend. The transfer of funds will be made by the Ministry of Regional Development (MDR). In the state, there are already 18 confirmed deaths since Friday (1).Rains: federal government releases R$ 2.4 million to Angra dos Reis

The funds will be used to buy food baskets, mattresses and kits for personal hygiene, cleaning and sleeping. About 86 thousand people will benefit. The ministry also acknowledged the emergency situation in the municipality of Paraty, near Angra, which was also affected by the rains.

With this, Paraty can ask for resources for response actions, such as relief and humanitarian assistance and the restoration of essential services, in addition to the reconstruction of areas affected by the disaster. Today, President Jair Bolsonaro paid a visit to the Monsuaba neighborhood, in Angra dos Reis, one of the most affected by the disaster.

The minister of Regional Development, Daniel Ferreira, will visit the cities of Angra dos Reis and Paraty tomorrow (5th). In Angra, he will sign an ordinance that establishes guidelines and procedures for the reconstruction of housing units destroyed by natural disasters. In Paraty, a meeting will be held with the local city hall to discuss disaster response actions.

Since Sunday (3), a National Civil Defense team has been in Angra dos Reis to support the affected population and assist municipal managers in requesting federal resources. The National Secretary of Protection and Civil Defense of the MDR, Colonel Alexandre Lucas, flew over the city, in a Navy helicopter, to analyze the areas most affected by the heavy rains.

The secretary also participated in meetings with the municipal Civil Defense, with the presence of the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro, and the mayor of Angra dos Reis, Fernando Jordão.

Also over the weekend, the emergency situation in the city of Angra dos Reis was recognized. The measure was taken by summary procedure, which occurs in cases of major disasters and based only on the request and the emergency or calamity decree of the state or municipality. The objective was to accelerate federal response actions.

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