Rains caused flooding in Barinas and Carabobo this Tuesday #30May

The passage of tropical waves 1 and 2 through Venezuela have caused rains in a large part of the country during the early morning and morning of Tuesday, May 30. Some precipitation is expected to be accompanied by “electrical activity and eventual gusts of wind” in the next 24 hours, according to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh).

The heavy rains that were registered since the early hours of this Tuesday, May 30 in several cities of the country caused the collapse in entities such as Carabobo, where the authorities remain alert to the contingency. Also in the state of Barinas, heavy rainfall caused flooding in different areas of the city, according to reports from users of social networks.

Since the early hours of the morning of this Tuesday, May 30, the main roads of Valencia were flooded after several hours of rain in the entity.

The Divenca distributor, San Blas, and the one known as Firestone, as well as Don Julio Centeno avenue in San Diego, Plaza de Toros, Trapichito and Zona Industrial in Valencia, Los Guayos and Naguanagua, are some of the sectors that are collapsed.

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For their part, residents of the Las Chimeneas and Los Guajiros sectors (by the southern highway) in Valencia and Valles del Nogal in San Diego reported falling trees.

The Integrated System of Civil Protection and Firefighters Carabobo He posted on his Twitter account: “Our operational firefighters and civil protection personnel are on alert for rain. Preventive monitoring in the Carabobo state.

In areas of Tocuyito, such as Puente Hierro, San Luis and Fundación CAP, heavy rainfall was recorded that increased the level of the pipes, although there were no reports of damage or flooding.

Barinas flooded by the rains

After an hour of intense rain, users of social networks reported that one of the sectors most affected by the rainfall was Fresh Spot located in Altos de Barinas, Passenger Terminal Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the Airport and communities of that llanera entity.

Another user of the social network Twitter indicated that “year after year, the rains come, and in more than two decades of PsudoRevolución in the BARINAS state, they have not solved the problem of DRAINAGES, this is the AIRPORT AND PASSENGER TERMINAL IN BARINAS …!!!!». The complaint was accompanied by videos showing the flooded areas of the passenger terminal, as well as a group of people sailing in what appears to be a canoe in the middle of the city avenue.

In Caracas, the rains this Tuesday caused flooding in various streets and avenues of the city, as well as a strong vehicular delay. Twitter users denounced “the poor conditions in which the Roosevelt Avenue flyover is located, in the west of the city.

The Minister of the Interior and Justice, Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, reported via Twitter that thel National Risk Management System Firefighters and Civil Protection, Police and Fanb remain deployed in the states of Barinas, Carabobo, Zulia, Trujillo, Portuguesa, “for the assistance of the People in emergencies caused by heavy rains.”

Tropical waves 1 and 2 that move over Venezuela have caused rains in a large part of the country on Tuesday and some precipitation is expected to be accompanied by “electrical activity and eventual gusts of wind” in the next 24 hours.

“They interact through the intertropical convergence zone (…) causing abundant cloudiness with rainfall of variable intensity, some accompanied by electrical activity and eventual gusts of wind in a large part of the national territory,” according to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh). .

According to local press reports, in various areas of the city of Valencia in the Carabobo state, in north-central Venezuela, at least 400 families were affected after heavy rains on Tuesday morning.

Inameh’s forecast for the next 24 hours warns that rainfall will be more “intense and frequent” in areas of Zulia state, Andean areas, western and central plains, as well as the northern coastal center.

Last week, the ruler Nicolás Maduro activated the plan “Andes Task Force 2023”, to address the situations generated by rainfall in the states of Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo.

“I am attentive to the arrival of the rains in the country, in permanent contact with the governorates, mayors, FANB, Civil Protection and firefighters, taking all preventive measures to attend to any contingency, producer of rainfall. Always together with the people!” Maduro wrote last Thursday on Twitter.

According to the president of Inameh, José Pereira, low-cost weather stations are being manufactured with an early warning system that warns when there are “dangerous” precipitation values.

According to meteorologists, this year the accumulated rainfall should be below that registered last year due to the transition from La Niña to El Niño.

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