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April 26, 2024
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Quiroz demands to investigate alleged extortion of merchants at the winter fair; an audio compromises the Council

Quiroz demands to investigate alleged extortion of merchants at the winter fair;  an audio compromises the Council

April 26, 2024, 5:01 PM

April 26, 2024, 5:01 PM

The councilor of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), José Quiroz, presented this Friday a criminal complaint against union leader Patricia Romero for allegedly extorting merchants at the “Alto San Pedro” winter fair.

Quiroz accuses Romero of demanding money from merchants so that they can participate in the fair. According to the councilor, the union member even recorded an audio in which she asks merchants for money and mentions that “The money must be delivered to the Municipal Council”.

“The lady says in an audio that they called her from the Municipal Council to deliver the money. As a councilor, I cannot undermine corruption and she has to explain, why It is denting the dignity of all councilors that we work for the people,” said Quiroz.

The concilor presented an audio as evidence in which, supposedly, Romero is heard requesting money from merchants to participate in the fair.

In the alleged audio of Romero you hear: “Good morning colleagues, all those who participate in the winter fair (…) Now from the Council they are calling me, they are demanding (the money) from meI don’t have enough to take away and so that’s why I’m telling you, please, those who are missing come and cancel.”

In that sense, Quiroz demanded that the case be investigated and the councilor who is allegedly involved in the extortion is identified. “It has to be investigated who they are taking this money to, because they say ‘they are calling me from the Council’. That is why I am playing my role as an inspector as a councillor, because the dignity of all the councilors is being undermined,” said Quiroz.

Rosario Callejas defends herself

During Thursday’s Municipal Council session, Councilor Rosario Callejas, also from the MAS, rejected some advances of councilors who pointed to her as the person responsible for these charges, although she did not give the names of these councilors.

“It’s good that they are accusing you for things that you have nothing to do with.”, and I have proof here. And if that councilor believes that it was me, then he should go and sue me at the Prosecutor’s Office, and once and for all, have my cell phone unfolded. I am exposed to everything he wants, but I am already tired of them denting one’s dignity here,” Callejas said during the Council session.

EL DEBER tried to contact Councilor Rosario Callejas to find out which of her colleagues she was referring to, but there was no response.

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