The Ortega-Putin connection and the Nicaraguan Army

Putin’s propaganda “oversizes” the entry of Russian troops into Nicaragua

The official propaganda of the Government of Vladimir Putin, in Russia, “exaggerated” the routine entry of military troops from his country in Nicaragua, trying to send a message of threat to the United States, with whom it has historically maintained tense relations, even more cracked after the invasion. in Ukraine, which began on February 24, and has been condemned worldwide, but backed by the regime of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.

The official Russian television presenter, Olga Skabeeva, reported that Ortega authorized the entry of Russian military troops, ships and planes into Nicaragua for the second half of 2022. Later, the journalist added that “If American missile systems can get close to Moscow from Ukrainian territory, it’s time for Russia to deploy something powerful closer to an American city.”

The Russian presenter’s announcement coincided with the dissemination of a presidential decree in which Ortega authorizes the entry into Nicaragua of military troops, equipment, ships and aircraft “for humanitarian purposes and exercises,” published in the Official Gazette this Thursday. June 9.

On previous occasions, it has been routine for the National Assembly to approve this type of military collaboration project in the middle of the year. In fact, Ortega’s decree also authorizes the entry of military personnel from the United States, Central American countries, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Skabeeva’s report, which caused a stir, was released by journalist Julia Davis, creator of Russian Media Monitor, sanctioned by the Putin government, and who is dedicated to monitoring official Russian television.

After the report, the spokeswoman for Putin’s Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, explained through the official Sputnik agency, that the announcement is a “routine procedure”, which occurs about twice a year and is related to “the temporary admission of foreign military personnel in (Nicaraguan) territory to develop cooperation in various areas, including humanitarian and emergency response, the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking.”

“This law allows the presence in the country of representatives of the armed forces of various states, including Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Russia, El Salvador and the United States,” added the official, in response to consultations on whether Moscow would take advantage of this opportunity and deploy its Army in Nicaragua.

However, Ortega’s decree does indicate that the participation of Russian military personnel in the country will be the broadest.

Participation of Russian troops in Nicaragua will be broader

In the first place, the decree indicates that Russian troops in Nicaragua will participate in training and exchange exercises in humanitarian aid operations, search, rescue and rescue missions in emergency situations or natural disasters, with the Commander Humanitarian and Rescue Unit. William Joaquín Ramírez Solórzano, of the Nicaraguan Army.

Another component of this exchange with Russia includes “training and exchange exercises in humanitarian aid operations, search, rescue and rescue missions in emergency situations or natural disasters, with the ground forces, Air Force and Naval Force of the Nicaraguan Army” .

The third component refers to “exchange of experiences, training, operations against illegal activities in maritime spaces in the Caribbean Sea and jurisdictional waters in the Pacific Ocean of Nicaragua, with the Naval Force of the Nicaraguan Army.”

The last component mentions the “participation with members of the Navy, Air Force and Blanca Stella Araúz Pineda Transmission Corps of the Nicaraguan Army, in exchanging experiences and operational communication with ships and aircraft of the Nicaraguan Army in confrontation and fight against drug trafficking and organized crime.

In relation to the collaboration of the military troops of the other countries, the decree only mentions one point for each one, without the level of detail of the Russian case.

Collaboration between armies of Russia and Nicaragua

Cooperation between the armies of Russia and Nicaragua always causes controversy. Last February, a few days before the invasion against Ukraine was launched, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Yuri Borisovvisited Nicaragua and announced the continuity of technological cooperation agreements between the Armed Forces of his country and the Nicaraguan Army, without giving more details about them.

In a special report in CONFIDENCIAL, published on February 28, On the cooperation between the regime of Vladimir Putin and Daniel Ortega, several military experts agreed that the information from the Ortega regime on this cooperation “is minimal”, and only the delivery of weapons mentioned by the Russian Federation is known, through official media such as Sputnik.

There are also no precise details on the global aid of Russian cooperation to the Air Force, or any of the other national military directorates. One of the biggest examples of opacity occurred with the shipment of Russian tanks to Nicaragua in 2016.

The report of CONFIDENTIAL It also points out that the installation of a ground station that allows connection with 24 Russian satellites from a place near Laguna de Nejapa in Managua and a police training center against drug trafficking, where Central American officers are educated, points to the consolidation of the Russian presence and its projection in the region.

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