Dengue gives no respite in the Metropolitan Health Region

Dengue cases have been increasing in recent days, reporting 98 cases in the Metropolitan Health Region, in the breakdown of cases it is detailed that there are 79 without warning signs, 18 with warning signs, one serious dengue, without deaths, reflected in a 56% affectation in the female sex and 44% in the male sex.
According to the Ministry of Health, the districts with the most cases are: Las Garzas, Tocumen, December 24, Felipillo, Don Bosco, San Francisco, Las Mañanitas, Ancón, Betania, Río Abajo, Veracruz, Parque Lefevre, Juan Díaz, Bella Vista. , Pueblo Nuevo, El Chorrillo, Pedregal and Curundú.
While the highest rate of infestation is concentrated in the districts of Parque Lefevre (17.1%), Ancón (14.7%), Juan Díaz (13.8%), Veracruz (13.5%), Pedregal (8.7%) and Río Abajo (5.7%). ).
The Ministry of Health and the Department of Vector Control have carried out inspections and nebulizations in the sectors with the most cases. In the database of the regional Surveillance System (Sisvig) for Zika there is an accumulated case in 2022 and 32 cases discarded, while for Chikungunya no cases are reported and 31 are discarded.
Likewise, the population is reiterated to reinforce cleaning measures in their residences, work areas and in the communities to avoid diseases caused by mosquitoes and other vermin.


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