Hay 673 nuevos casos de Covid-19

Public Health reports 422 new cases of Covid-19

The Ministry of Public Health reported today 422 new Covid-19 infections in the last 24 hours, and hospital occupancy of 3.1% of available beds, with 73 patients admitted.

Similarly, it indicates through the epidemiological bulletin 876, that in the Dominican Republic there are 1,281 active cases of respiratory viral disease which arrived in March 2020.

The entity adds that the total number of infected amounts to 634,578, and that 628,913 of those have recovered. 2,979,402 cases have been ruled out.

He points out that the daily positivity is at 20.62 percentwhile that of the last four weeks fell to 9.09 percent.

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In the last 24 hours, 4,179 tests were carried out to detect the diseaseof those 2,047 were processed for the first time and 2,132 were subsequent, according to official statistics.

Public Health also reports that 1,296 tests were PCR and 2,883 antigenic. The total number of tests processed reaches 3,613,980, which is equivalent to 345,885 per million inhabitants.

The authorities they did not report deaths, so the total remains 4,384, with a lethality of 0.69%. The risk groups are health workers (3,578), pregnant women (3,698) and those under 20 years of age (80,093).

Worldwide, 585,086,861 have been registered Covid-19 cases, and 6,422,914 deaths.

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