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Prosecutor charged two people for marketing tusi

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The Uruguayan justice processed the accusation against a man and a woman for the commercialization of tusi and various drugs in the Tres Cruces area.

Last Friday, the police arrested the 24-year-old Venezuelan woman in the Plaza de la Bandera. The young woman had possession of 53 pink cocaine wrappers known as tusi, 27 ecstasy pills, crystals, a stone of white substance (presumed cocaine), a weapon and cell phones.

Subsequently, with the data collected by the authorities, two raids were carried out in the area. There they arrested the 32-year-old man, also Venezuelan.

The man was captured in a house on Magallanes Street, a few blocks from the square where his accomplice was arrested. There they seized more tusi, several packages with traces of glass, marijuana, pills and a 38-caliber firearm with six ammunition.

Prosecuted under house arrest

After being in charge of the prosecutor specializing in narcotics, Mónica Ferro, she decided to charge both foreigners. This Sunday the Justice processed the case against the subjects for the crime of negotiation and production of prohibited substances.

In this sense, a precautionary measure of 120 days of total house arrest was issued, which will be in force until August 4, when the Prosecutor’s Office would have to present the final accusation.

The rise of the tusi in Uruguay

In recent months there has been an increase in the stoppage of sales of tusi. It is a drug quite physically similar to cocaine, but it is pink and synthetic. This substance usually contains ketamine, cocaine, tramadol, and caffeine.

Already in December 2021, the Police dismantled a gang that had a laboratory where this and other drugs were manufactured in the Peñarol neighborhood. On that occasion they arrested six people, including four Uruguayan citizens, a Colombian and a Venezuelan.

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