Prison of liberty against seven soldiers and 22 civilians for drug trafficking

The 2nd Control Court of La Guaira decreed the imprisonment of seven soldiers and 22 civilians allegedly involved in a network for drug trafficking, judicial sources said.

This group of people was detained on May 20 at the Simón Bolívar International Airport, located in Maiquetía, La Guaira, according to a report from the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB).

On that occasion, the military seized 15 cocaine wrappers (17 kilos 588 grams), which were hidden in luggage located in hold 2 of the plane corresponding to Air Europa flight 072, bound for Spain.

They had been monitoring this group since June 2022 through an intelligence operation that involved infiltration by undercover officials, revealed a judicial source.

The soldiers detained and brought before the 2nd Control Court of La Guaira belong to the GNB National Anti-drug Command and identified as: Edgar José Rodríguez Molina, Giovanni Abraham Ciancone Castro, Wilmer Rafael Aguilera Cordero, Félix Jesús Palacios, Yamilet Echarry Romero, Oscar Orlando Quintero Mendez and Franklin Rafael Amaya Contreras.

While the captured civilians work in airport security. They are: Fidel Alfredo Moreno Moreno, Franklin Ignacio Silva Navas, Nelson José Reyes Reyes, Ibrahan Guillermo González Santana, José Rolando Ochoa Salas, César Rafael Pire, Carmelo Francisco Curbena Cañizalez, Jorge Manuel Chirinos Alejos, Oscar Leonardo Álvarez, Félix Nicolás Martínez Santana , Robinson José Pernia Aponte, Jhon Jairo Rodríguez Mata, Carlos Reinaldo Lucambio Moreno, Joel Enrique Montilla Moreno, Damelis Carolina Laya Ibañez, Heidy Marlin Palacios Moreno, Yarilda Virginia Cabello Ugueto, Orliander José Bermúdez Hernández, Leonardo Ramón Matos Lugo, Jonathan José Lugo Oviedo , Keiler José Bolívar Moreno and Brian Antonio Leal Zambrano.

All were accused of illicit trafficking of narcotic and psychotropic substances aggravated in the modality of transport and association.

The Court set the National Institute for Women’s Guidance (Inof) as the place of confinement for the four women. While the 25 men were sent to the Rodeo III Judicial Confinement Center located in Guatire (Miranda), the source explained.

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