Baseball: Cuba wants Yasmani Tomás for the Central American and Caribbean teams in San Salvador

The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) assured this Monday to the local press that there is interest in Yasmani Tomás being part of the team that will represent her in the upcoming tournament Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador.

Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo, head of the FCB, said that to materialize this possibility, the player with experience in the Major League Baseball (MLB) and other professional circuits must have an optimal sporting form”, according to a report of the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

The also national commissioner added that his inclusion in the final roster of 24 players for that tournament is reconciled with the player.

Pérez Pardo indicated that the FCB “works” so that the capital player can also join the Industriales team in this National Series, journalist Guillermo Rodríguez, from the Radio Rebelde station, points out on his Facebook profile.

As reported in recent weeks, Tomás had officially requested to join the emblematic Havana cast and had the support of the province’s sports authorities for this process.

However, the possibility had been suspended, since among the requirements of the current tournament regulations is that the athlete “has complied with the participation regime in all its stages.”

If this condition is not met, the National Baseball Commission (CNB) would have the power to authorize the participation of the player “exceptionally”, as long as the corresponding immigration process has been completed, which is equivalent to repatriation for those who like Tomás they decided to establish their residence outside the island.

The situation has generated quite a bit of controversy among baseball specialists and followers in Cuba, since none of the MLB players who agreed to represent Cuba in the past V World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Yasmany Tomás, journey from the past

Tomás himself was one of the players who, according to Pérez Pardo himself, was analyzed for the possible integration of that team shortly after being designated the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Mexican professional league.

Despite being one of those who ratified his desire to represent Cuba, with the risks that it implied, in the end he was not called up due to reasons that were not very convincing to the local press and fans.

In the midst of the long process, Tomás has declared that it is not in his plans to comply with the repatriation to return to the Industriales team, with which he excelled before making the leap to the most demanding professional baseball circuit on the planet.

In the event that the interests of both parties are reconciled, the outstanding player could wear the shirt of the Havana cast and be one of the Cuban team that will be in the Central Caribbean fair.

As reported by the FCB, this group would meet in Havana starting June 19 to close their preparation for that tournament, in which they will debut four days later facing the representation of Mexico.

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