Law for the permanent improvement of educators in the official and private sector is sanctioned

A new law, which guarantees the permanent updating of the educator and promotes the creation of the Institute for the Improvement and Well-being of the Educator, was sanctioned today by the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen.

With this act of enactment of the law, carried out in the Yellow Room before authorities of the Ministry of Education, deputies of the National Assembly and leaders of teachers’ unions, it also seeks to increase the motivation and impact of the work of improvement of the educator.

«In our Government Plan and in the guidelines of the Permanent Multisectoral Council for the Implementation of the National Commitment to Education, which we have always supported, the purpose of establishing public policies related to the permanent updating of teachers is consigned and with this we contribute to reward the dedication of educators in their noble work of training our children and young people,” said President Cortizo Cohen.

The new law establishes the guidelines for the transformation, improvement and well-being of the educator. The legislation seeks to raise the educator’s skills to the level expected to achieve a high-quality comprehensive education based on international standards, aimed at human development and well-being.

To achieve these objectives through this law, the creation of the Institute for the Improvement and Well-being of the Educator will be promoted and the Ministry of Education will be the entity in charge of the necessary public policies in accordance with the law. This institute will focus on the permanent training of the educator, with emphasis on its long-term improvement and on wellness programs.

The institute will improve educators through competition programs with pedagogical, technical, academic, technological, socio-emotional content and skills, and any other aspect necessary to achieve the objectives.

This legislation will govern both the entire official and private education sector of the first and second level of education, including educators who have completed their training, even if they have not entered the formal education system.

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