Buttock for Milanese and leg of lamb, offers on National Meat Day

A kilo of beef rump at $298 and a kilo of boneless leg of lamb at $339 are the two offers that butchers activate from this Monday, May 29, joining the commemoration of National Meat Day.

The offer will be available during the rest of May and in June only in traditional butcher shopsalso known as neighborhood or nearby butcher shops, members of the Union of Meat Sellers (UVC).

The offers were reported to The Observerconsider lower prices than both cuts had in butcher shops and those found in other outletswhich is possible based on constant negotiations with refrigerators and suppliers for the benefit of consumers.

Buttock for Milanese and leg of lamb, offers on National Meat Day


Boneless leg of lamb.

One of the cuts chosen is the boneless leg of lamb, “one of the most coveted dishes in the world”highlighted Rafael Rodríguez, vice president of the UVC, while the other cut, the beef buttock, it is one of the “most requested by Uruguayans”, it is “the cut that is best known and that Uruguayans ask for to make Milanese, it is a spectacular cut”.

meat day

May 29 was chosen as National Meat Day considering that on that day in 1876 the first voyage of the ship “Le Frigorifique” began across the Atlantic carrying frozen meat from the Río de la Plata to Europe.

The UVC launched a monthly cycle of promotions for cuts of meat, both beef, sheep, poultry or pork, in 2020 during the health emergency due to the covid pandemic with the aim of facilitating consumer access to these proteins at reduced costs and , after a pause, this year it resumed that strategy with a new sequence of offers.

Offers in 2023

  • June: buttock at $298 per kilo and boneless sheep leg at $339 per kilo.
  • May: premium entrecote or narrow steak at $389 per kilo.
  • April: sheep neck at $149 per kilo.
  • March: chicken legs at $99 per kilo and pecetto at $289 per kilo.
Buttock for Milanese and leg of lamb, offers on National Meat Day


The offers are only found in UVC partner stores.

The attitude of the butchers also allows them to maintain the loyalty of customers who prefer to buy in butcher shops.

The price of the promotions, as well as the list of butcher shops and different recipe suggestions, are available on the website of the Union of Meat Sellers.

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