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Primaries Commission hopes to have the support of the CNE to update the Electoral Registry

Opposition experts make up the Technical Electoral Commission for the primaries

Jesús María Casal, president of the National Primary Commission, explained that if they cannot update the Electoral Registry, they will work with the latest one available. He assured that every effort has been made to carry out the primaries and they will be held, as scheduled, on October 22.

The president of the National Primary Commission (CP), Jesús María Casal, stated that they hope to have the support of the National Electoral Council (CNE) for updating the Electoral Registry (RE) to be used in the primaries.

He said that, in the event that the Electoral Registry cannot be updated, the latest available would be used. However, he insisted that he wants to “reduce the gap” both inside and outside the country of the population of voters; just as he hopes that the voting centers can be used to carry out the primaries.

For that, they must wait for the next technical meeting of the CNE to determine if these requests can be counted on. However, if you do not have the endorsement of the Electoral Power for the use of the centers, “a great logistical effort” must be made to carry out a “self-managed primary”; using public or local spaces that are arranged for it.

Casal, in an interview granted to Union Radio on Friday, April 14, he reiterated that the identity of the voters will be protected; although he clarified that possible precautions will be taken to minimize possible problems outside the centers that are enabled.

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He explained that security, after considerations made, will seek to manage it and avoid touching the National Armed Forces. Another of the issues that is consulted is the system to be used to manage the vote in the primaries.

He assured that every effort has been made to carry out the primaries and they will be held, as scheduled, on October 22.

Regarding the vote abroad, Jesús María Casal pointed out that they will separate the votes from abroad, as they did in the primary elections in 2012 and that they are defining the financing systems to be able to achieve the goal. Abroad, the suffrage would be carried out exclusively in premises.

In the same way, the CP is developing the preliminary guidelines that will be established in the primary regulations; next to be published.

He revealed that the cost of the primaries depends on a series of factors such as the final number of centers, for which reason they have been working on structures to finance the process and that will be announced soon.

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