PRI author of initiative on FA requests license in the Chamber of Deputies

PRI author of initiative on FA requests license in the Chamber of Deputies

De la Torre was already a magistrate of the Judiciary of Durango from 2019 to 2021. Today a magistracy of the state Electoral Tribunal remains vacant, but the still-legislator did not specify if she will hold a position of that nature, although she admitted that she will assume a new responsibility. “There are options, I think I can contribute from many areas,” she said.

“I asked for a license because in Durango we live in new times, new moments and I think there is a lot to do,” said the PRI member, adding that she is leaving “very happy, very grateful.”

The proposal on the Armed Forces that went to the rostrum on September 3 caused annoyance in Acción Nacional (PAN) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), which together with the PRI make up Va por México. As a result of this, it was decided to “pause” the electoral and legislative agreements, a distance that is maintained between the opposition parties.

The legislator and the national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, have insisted that there is no alliance with Morena in exchange for that proposal, nor was it in exchange for impunity or charges.

Questioned about her future, the PRI announced: “In the next few days I will tell you, I have interesting, important projects that inspire me, motivate me, and it will be something where I can serve Durango.”

Regarding the statements of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who in his morning conference insisted that the initiative with which it is sought that the Armed Forces carry out security tasks until 2028 will be presented again, the PRI rejected that he was the one who sent at the first moment.

Deputy Yolanda de la Torre presented the controversial initiative on the Armed Forces.

“I do not know the president, I have never seen him. He says ‘I will return (to send the initiative)’, but he does not mean that he has started it, it is a different context, I think that the context matters and matters a lot”, he expressed.

He also said that hopefully one day he can meet the president to present his agenda of support for people with disabilities and more resources for entities.

We’ll see. I have worked in the Legislative, Executive, Judicial. I am one of the profiles that has been in the three powers of the state and there is a lot to do, he said about what he will do after leaving office.

Questioned about the moment in which she requests a license, without the process given to her initiative having been completed, whose opinion was analyzed yesterday by the Senate, but returned to ruled commissions, the deputy said: “life gives you moments of decisions” .

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