Nicas in the Netherlands protest against Ortega during Nicaragua-Suriname friendly game

Nicas in the Netherlands protest against Ortega during Nicaragua-Suriname friendly game

A group of Nicaraguans living in the Netherlands protested against Daniel Ortega’s regime during a friendly game held at noon this Thursday, September 22, between the Nicaraguan and Suriname national soccer teams.

The more than 20 compatriots gathered at the Almere City stadium, located in the municipality of Almere, carrying the Nicaraguan flag with the inverted shield and banners demanding the release of political prisoners.

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Despite the fact that it was not possible to observe the peaceful protest of the Nicaraguans in the broadcast of the match, the images were disseminated on the different social networks.

This is not the first time that exiled opponents or those living in other countries take advantage of sporting events to protest against the Ortega and Murillo dictatorship. In baseball events where Nicaragua has participated, it is common to see the rejection of the Nicaraguan government.

Nicaraguans protested against Ortega during a friendly game between the Nicaraguan soccer team and Suriname. Photo: Social Networks

In the match, the pinolera team fell 2-1 against Suriname. The goals were scored by te Vrede (25′) and Hilterman (90′) for the South Americans, while Josué Quijano scored for the Nicas at minute 88.

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The confrontation between the two teams took place on the FIFA date, prior to the World Cup scheduled for November in Qatar, however, once again Nicaragua will not reach the most famous sporting event and seen throughout the world.

After the game —as reported— the Nicaraguan opposition managed to leave in a normal way and without any repression for having protested inside the stadium.

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