Presidential candidate Ciro Gomes walks through the east side of São Paulo

Presidential candidate Ciro Gomes walks through the east side of São Paulo

With the official start of the electoral campaign period, presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT) began this Tuesday (16) hand-to-hand with voters, on a walk at 7 am in Guainases, a community in the East Zone of São Paulo. Paul. The presidential candidate talked to residents and traders and presented government plans.Presidential candidate Ciro Gomes walks through the east side of São Paulo

Among other points, Ciro Gomes said that, if elected, he will institute the Minimum Income program, which consists of an average payment of R$ 1,000 for Brazilian families below the poverty line. The program will include payments made by other existing programs such as Auxílio Brasil, unemployment insurance and the Benefício de Prestação Continuada (BPC), among others for income transfer.

according to New Poverty Map, prepared by Fundação Getúlio Vargas and released in July, 29.6% of the country’s total population is below the poverty line. The data, made available by the National Household Sample Survey – Continuous (Pnad-C), show that the contingent of people with a per capita family income of up to BRL 497 per month reached 62.9 million Brazilians in 2021.

“Guaranteeing our people’s right to eat is a duty of the State. The Minimum Income project for the entire population on the poverty line will allow this,” said Ciro. The presidential campaign proposal also mentions tax reform, to guarantee resources for the minimum income program.

Initially, the cyrus agenda foresaw a conversation with traders in the Jabaquara region, in the South Zone of São Paulo, on Tuesday afternoon. The appointment, however, was changed and the candidate must travel to Brasília, where he will accompany the inauguration of Minister Alexandre de Moraes in the presidency of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). In the formal session, scheduled to start at 7 pm, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski will also be sworn in as vice-president of the Electoral Court.

Fur electoral calendar, as of this Tuesday, candidates are allowed to do electoral propaganda on the internet and rallies with sound systems. The broadcasting of electoral propaganda on radio and television, for the first round of the elections, will begin on the 26th. It will end on the 29th of September.

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