President Piñera for the second anniversary of the arrival of Covid-19 in Chile: “We deliver the best of ourselves”

President Piñera for the second anniversary of the arrival of Covid-19 in Chile: "We deliver the best of ourselves"

President Sebastian Pinera led a ceremony this Thursday in La Moneda on the occasion of the two years of the first Covid-19 case in Chile.

“On March 3 like today, the coronavirus pandemic hit our doors. We were waiting for it and we were preparing ourselves, because we knew that from then on, as in the whole world, Chilean society and families were going to have to face very hard times,” he said at the beginning of his speech.

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The President indicated that the effects of the pandemic have been “devastating” and that “it profoundly changed our way of living.”

“To date we have already had more than three million people infected in our country (…) we have administered more than 48 million doses of vaccines (…) 18 million people have their full vaccination and more than 13 million they have their booster dose,” added the head of state.

He also pointed out that 42,000 Chileans have died from Covid-19. “This has been the worst health pandemic in the last 100 years,” he said.

Regarding the government’s work in the face of the pandemic, he said that “we gave the best of ourselves and made every effort.” Along these lines, he pointed out that the Ministry of Health was “taking the decisions that the country required”,

In addition, he thanked the citizens for showing “the iron character of our people, which has been forged in adversity and has never bowed.”

Woman threw water on him

After the ceremony, a woman threw water at the President. As recorded in a video, the unknown woman ran towards the President and threw the water.

Subsequently, the government spokesman, Jaime Belloli, indicated that the woman is the granddaughter of one of the guests at the ceremony. In addition, she pointed out that the head of state will not sue.

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