Financial Superintendence launches Non-formal Financial Education Seal

Financial Superintendence launches Non-formal Financial Education Seal

The Financial Superintendence presented andI Sit of Financial Education for non-formal financial education programs, campaigns or activities offered by supervised entities and trade associations in the sector.

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The entity said that the applications They will be carried out through the Financial Education Seal Platform in which, additionally, the entity or association must select one of the three defined categories: Capacity management, MiPymes Initiative or Initiatives in the territory.

Once this registration process is finished, the initiatives are evaluated in order to verify if their contents meet the defined criteria.

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This review will be carried out by the Evaluating Community, which will work under a collaborative, participatory and transparent scheme and will be made up of users, technicians or experts in financial education issues, within their respective role:

User evaluator: are users of the program, campaign or activity. It includes students of technical, technologist or university levels.

Technical Evaluator: knowledgeable or involved in social, economic, financial and other areas that are related to financial education issues.

Expert Evaluator: those with training and professional experience in behavioral theory, university professors, experts in finance, administration and related areas.

Once the evaluating Community verifies that the respective financial education program, activity or company meets the requirements of relevance, suitability and quality, it will give its approval to award the Seal.

The SFC Financial Education Seal will have a validity of two years for programs and activities and one year for campaigns. Additionally, the applicant may request the renewal of the Financial Education Seal through the same platform if they continue to meet the requirements.


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