President Pedro Castillo does not want to respond to the Money Laundering Prosecutor's Office

President Pedro Castillo does not want to respond to the Money Laundering Prosecutor’s Office

He doesn’t want to answer anyone. As happened before the Congressional Oversight Commission, the president once again, uses his investiture that seeks to clarify his participation in alleged acts of corruption of his Government.

before the office of the money laundering prosecutor, Luz Taquire – who is investigating the Puente Tarata case – for the statements of Karelim López. In February, the lobbyist pointed out that the head of state would be part of a mafia that operates in the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC). Precisely, Taquire intended to consult regarding her relationship with the fugitive former presidential secretary, Bruno Pacheco, and other matters “that are relevant to the investigation.”

However, through his lawyer, Eduardo Pachas, the president took refuge in Subsection 1 of Article 167 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and . Despite the evident lack of intention to collaborate with justice, Pachas excused his sponsor and indicated that the request does not alter the course of the investigation. “In the same way, he is submitting to the questions that the prosecutor is pointing out to him,” he told this newspaper.

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In the hands of the prosecution

Criminal lawyer Luis Lamas Puccio regretted the request for and stressed that the sending of the interrogation document could affect “the spontaneous responses” of the president.

“If the questions are sent to him before, he will consult with his lawyer and thus see how to respond and how not to respond,” he questioned. He added that the request should be rejected and prosecutorial diligence should be insisted on.

Along the same lines, Mario Amoretti, former dean of the Lima Bar Association, remarked that in an interrogation the respondent is expected to respond “voluntarily and consciously”, therefore, by sending the questionnaire, the diligence “loses weight” .

“If the questions are sent, it is possible that they will not be answered by him, but by his lawyer,” he told Peru21.

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They won’t wait anymore

The president of the Supervisory Commission of the Héctor Ventura, considered that the position of it hinders investigations into alleged improper acts committed in his management.

“He does not have that political gesture to set an example and clarify these facts that are being investigated,” he told this newspaper. He recalled that the governor did not attend 3 summonses made by the Oversight Commission and that he is not going to insist; It will continue until the delivery of the final report.

First lady refused to testify before the Prosecutor's Office
The first lady Lilia Paredes arrived this morning at the office of prosecutor Luz Taquire, however, there was an incident when Paredes and her lawyer Jorge Eduardo Díaz Campos appeared before Taquire, since the former did not even want to listen to the prosecutor’s questions. In addition, UCV endorses the thesis plagiarized by 43% of Pedro Castillo. Also, the Oversight Commission reschedules a summons to Zamir Villaverde for Tuesday the 17th.

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