President of the UDI, Javier Macaya, files a complaint against Pancho Malo for crimes of sedition and qualified damages

The senator and president of the UDI, Javier Macayafiled a lawsuit on Wednesday against the leader of Team Patriota, Francisco Munoz -known as bad hot dog when he was leader of the White Claw.

The UDI helmsman filed a complaint against Muñoz -and those responsible- before the Eighth Guarantee Court of Santiago, for the crimes of sedition and qualified damages in consummated degree of development.

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Senator Macaya announced on December 17 legal action against Muñoz. This, after that day the Patriot Theme rebuked him in Providencia, while the legislator entered the UDI headquarters by car. The president of the community was accompanied by his two minor children.

The subjects shouted slogans against the “Agreement for Chile” -which enables a new constituent process-, agreed between the parties and which contains Macaya’s signature.

Previously, Pancho Malo and Team Patriota had already rebuked Javier Macaya. This occurred on September 25, when more than 10 people surrounded Macaya’s car, who was heading to Channel 13 to participate in the program center table. Subjects yelled “UDI traitor”.

Let us remember that Muñoz was arrested in the year 2000 and later convicted of the murder of a young man in the Vitacura commune, during a fight.

Macaya: “Hopefully Interior can be incorporated”

Regarding the complaint, the UDI helmsman stated that “hopefully the Ministry of the Interior can be incorporated as a complainant because it deals with matters of internal security of the State.”

“It is not a complaint for damages, it is not a complaint for threats, the complaint is basically for the crime of sedition, which is looking for those people who try to affect the normal development of democratic institutions, in this case the Power Legislative, pay “, he added.

Along these lines, he expressed that “a person cannot freely threaten the normal functioning of democratic institutions, either because they do not want to do anything, as is the case of Mr. Muñoz, or because they want everything to be done in the same way that the Last September 4, like what happened with the gentlemen who also threatened to ride a bicycle”.

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