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President of Findeter assures that it will have more than 500 projects

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President of Findeter assures that it will have more than 500 projects

The Findeter territorial development bank is responsible for supporting territorial entities with direct loans to structure, finance and execute projects throughout the country. The entity, led by Sandra Gomez Ariaspresented its financial results for 2021, and highlighted the plans they have for this 2022.

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The year 2021 was the year of reactivation, what results did Findeter achieve?

Two years ago, in 2020 we had estimated profits of around $70,000 million, but we ended up giving $7 billion. We sacrifice profits to support the territories with interest and principal non-payment relief. But in 2021 we not only grew 10 times what we had grown in 2020, but we also had historical record profits in Findeter, $77.2 billion.

It must be remembered that Findeter’s profits are not returned to the Nation or the Treasury as other affiliated entities do, but rather 100% reinvested in the entity, which helps us to have an organic growth that results in greater credits and capacity to serve the territories.

In 2021, how many resources were disbursed and what is the expectation in 2022?

placement was about $2.5 billion, we granted credits for more than $3 billion, but the disbursements finish being delivered this year, because due to the pandemic many mayors and governors were in their first year of government focused on health, and last year they did the structuring and study of the credits , so this year is the time when disbursements begin to be made more intensively. As they are executed, we make disbursements.
By 2022 we are expecting between $3 trillion and $3.5 trillion in actual disbursements.

How many projects is Findeter managing?

At this moment we haves more or less about 180 projects between execution and structuringand between now and April we must put out about $5 billion in projects, with which we are talking about around 300 new projects that we are going to execute this year.

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Sandra Gómez Arias, president of Findeter explained what these credits consist of.

Abel Cardenas.

So by 2022 we’re going to reach about 500 projects or more which will be running this year. It is a historical figure for Findeter, because normally we manage between $2 billion and $3 billion in execution, and this year, adding what we bring, it would be about $6 billion or $7 billion that will be executed. We hope that this will be accompanied by growth in loan disbursements and loans.

Could the law of guarantees for the electoral year affect the projects?

We are an entity far from what happens in the electoral environment, the agreements that had to be signed were signed last year, we have the resources and the guarantee law does not affect the disbursements or the contracting of the works. We continue to work as one machine that generates projects and executes resources. As a territorial development bank, these agents are exogenous and we continue with our projects.

In which sectors are these projects taking place?

We are working a lot on transportation, especially on secondary roads in the regions, mass transportation within cities, and also on issues such as sustainable cities. In education there is the improvement of schools throughout the country, while with the ICBF we have the construction of new ‘Sacúdete’ centers. With the Seine we work on the construction of development centers and with the Ministry of the Interior in training and support for indigenous communities in productive projects.

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In health, we are also structuring several projects, we finished the Santa Sofía hospital in Risaralda and we are accompanying the structuring in Pereira of a third-level hospital that will be very important for the region.

We have greatly strengthened the structuring of projects, supporting the territories with projects for basic sanitation, aqueduct, sewage, and treatment plants. In pre-feasibility we are in the Caribbean Train and we are with the structuring of the project of the Gulf of Morrosquillo and we are also going to come out with the call for the great project of La Mojana, we have to conclude Providencia… Work is what we have for this year .

How is the reconstruction going in Providencia?

we are finishing sports venuesThis week we finished the two schools that we had to do, we did the dredging of the Agua Dulce dam, we finished the water tanks. On the housing issue, we hope to finish almost all of it in March, and those that are pending we hope to deliver them in April. Part of the airport will be in operation in May and fully completed in June. We hope to stay until July to do all that post-sale of what comes out of the settlement of the houses and the works we have done, to make the necessary repairs.


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