CDMX businessmen ask for a plan to reactivate tourism and the economy

CDMX businessmen ask for a plan to reactivate tourism and the economy

CDMX received nearly 63,000 million pesos (mdp) via tourism last year, a far level from the 113,000 mdp registered in 2019, before the pandemic.

Businessmen highlighted the importance of achieving joint work with the government to promote tourism and, with it, economic reactivation.

The confederation called on the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, to lead the dialogue with the private sector, workers and academia on reactivation matters.

“A priority must be the economic recovery of CDMX and that is a very important legacy that this administration can leave. So you should focus your efforts on this issue,” said Coparmex CDMX.

“Mexico City continues to lag behind other capitals with which it competes for investment,” warned Gabriel Aguirre, vice president of communication for the confederation.

In 2021, 500 million pesos were collected for tourism and entertainment taxes. If taxes on these activities are repealed this year, “it would be amply offset by the jobs generated,” said David Mendoza, finance expert at Coparmex CDMX.



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