President of Cuba denounces US hostile immigration policy.

The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, denounced today that the United States’ migratory policy with respect to Cuba constitutes a tool of destabilization against the island.

The US migration policy towards Cuba stimulates illegal and irregular flows. It is part of his traditional destabilizing policy and the desire to use the population as a hostage of a hegemonic and hostile ambition against Cuba, and against our government, the president pointed out on Twitter.

Havana denounced the day before that, with its abusive migratory regulations, Washington fails to comply with bilateral commitments and implies a burden for transit nations to northern territory.

Through a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the US is working to hinder the processing of new visas in the embassies accredited in the Cuban capital, with the aim of increasing the discomfort of the affected nationals.

The document recalls that country’s refusal to process in Cuba the 20,000 annual visas that it has committed to in bilateral agreements and the burden of the reinforced economic blockade that affects the population’s standard of living.

Added to this is “the pressure on governments in the region to demand visas from Cubans who aspire to take advantage of the permanent encouragement of emigration to the United States,” states the text published on the Cubaminrex website.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Cuba has dealt with these issues through diplomatic channels with the government of the northern nation, and has expressed that this conduct is abusive with the Cuban aspiring to emigrate, inconsistent with the signed bilateral agreements, harmful to the countries of the region and stimulates illegal, irregular and insecure migration.

Since 2017, Washington has failed to comply with the obligation signed in 1994 to ensure the legal migration to its territory of a minimum of 20,000 Cubans each year.

The current scenario “is not far removed from the traditional destabilizing policy of the United States against Cuba and the desire to use the population as a hostage of a hegemonic and hostile ambition against Cuba, and against our government,” the statement underlines.

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