Cenidh promotes campaign to make visible the deteriorating state of health of political prisoners

Cenidh promotes campaign to make visible the deteriorating state of health of political prisoners

The Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) launched a new campaign to make visible the deterioration in the health of political prisoners who remain captive in the Evaristo Vazquez Police Complex, better known as “El Nuevo Chipote.”

Through its social networks, the agency urged Nicaraguan citizens to join this digital campaign using the hashtags #Régimen QuieroApagarlos #BorrarlesSusMentes.

In the sixth round of visits to the political prisoners, the relatives verified “the conditions in which they keep the prisoners of conscience and that they are causing them irreversible damage, both physical and psychological.”

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The relatives of those detained between May and November 2021, prior to the presidential elections, indicate that they were able to see their relatives imprisoned between March 17 and 19 after 50 days without having information about them.

The relatives state that “we verify that their fundamental rights continue to be violated; In addition to not having respected at any time the due judicial process, they remain kidnapped (for more than 9 months in some cases) in completely inhuman conditions.

“The Directorate of Judicial Assistance is a temporary detention space, it is not a dependency of the National Penitentiary System, so it does not meet the minimum requirements to house people for long periods of time,” they say.

“We have observed a general deterioration in their health: in addition to the worsening of the chronic diseases that some suffer from, they all have problems due to the conditions in which they are kept, such as skin fungus, eczema, and symptoms compatible with COVID-19” , they add.

As long as the political prisoners are not released, the relatives demand that they be given appropriate specialized medical care and appropriate medication for their health problems; compliance with internationally established basic prevention measures against COVID-19; delivery of blankets; healthy and complete diet; common hours of patio and sun and the delivery of reading and writing material, the Bible or religious texts.

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