President Gabriel Boric repudiates armed attack in Ercilla: “Violence is not the way”

President Gabriel Boric repudiates armed attack in Ercilla: "Violence is not the way"

The president of the Republic, Gabriel Boricexpressed his repudiation of the armed attack recorded during this day in the commune of Ercilla, region of La Araucanía, which left a truck driver shot in the head and two people injured by pellets.

This fact adds to the latest arson attacks that have occurred between the regions of Biobío and La Araucanía.

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Given this, the President, in the middle of his visit to the Coquimbo region, pointed out to emmol that “by the way, it is absolutely unacceptable, it deserves all our condemnation and I hope that it is absolutely transversal”.

“But of course, declarations of good intentions are not enough, here what is required is a profound change in the policy that the State of Chile has followed to address this conflict. Dialogue is the way, but it is not the result.” It is not enough to say we are going to talk, we have to talk about concrete actions,” he added.

Regarding the problems that affect the area, the President stressed that during his mandate he will “change the policy regarding the purchase of land, in order to provide a solution and a decompression of the conflict based on the legitimate demands of the Mapuche people. But those who They act by way of violence, they are not going to advance. That is not our path.”

“Dialogue to have land, territory, self-determination. There is an international discussion regarding this issue, we are also talking with other organizations so that we can learn from the experience of countries like New Zealand, Canada, Bolivia,” he stressed.

In this context, the President expressed to the different groups that are involved in these events that “know that violence is not the way and those who insist on carrying out acts of violence are being harmed, not only will they be persecuted with all the rigor of the law, but they are also doing their communities a disservice.

Finally, Boric stated that “we are going to continue working and we are going to change and improve the land purchase process, we are seeing it with Conadi and we believe that what has been done up to now is exhausted and also to discuss self-determination, such as has been done in comparative law”.

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