Colombians saved $70,000 million by eliminating paperwork: Mincomercio

Colombians saved $70,000 million by eliminating paperwork: Mincomercio

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism reported that regulatory improvement and removal of barriers within the Simple State strategy, Colombia Agile has generated savings for citizens over $70,375 million.

Also, that entity mentioned that the result measures the economic impact of 874 actions that made it possible to eliminate standards in disuse or improve standards with a high impact on the activities of Colombians, due to their frequency of use, number of people who must go to them and associated costs.

The Minister of Commerce, María Ximena Lombana, explained that “also quantifies the reduction in spending by removing 431 barriers that unnecessarily hindered the access of citizens and companies to State services, or the fulfillment of obligations before official entities”.

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“The figure was established by the Office of Economic Studies (OEE) of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and is added to the savings due to the elimination or simplification of procedures calculated by the Administrative Department of the Civil Service”, he added.

Next, he said that “this new indicator allows to more accurately quantify the results of Simple State, Agile Colombia, both for companies and for all citizens. It confirms that the streamlining of procedures represents a positive impact in monetary terms.”

Also, according to the official, provides elements of judgment to make decisions regarding the simplification of relations with the State and thus guarantee more favorable conditions for the development of productive initiatives or of great impact for the economy.

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It should be remembered that the work of the Office of Economic Studies of the Ministry It was based on the methodology designed by the Administrative Department of the Civil Service to calculate the savings of citizens for streamlining procedures, which between August 2018 and March 2022 reached $307,913,032,642.

That is to say, in total, the savings generated by the 4,361 interventions of the Esca between procedures, barriers, obsolete regulations and high-impact regulations total $378,288,953,814.

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