Presidente Abinader: «Estoy durmiendo mucho menos»

President Abinader: “I am sleeping much less”

Luis Abinader He affirmed today that he is sleeping much less since he became president of the Dominican Republic.

“You know that one goes gradually, as the years get older one sleeps much less, I think that has accelerated me,” explained the leader when being interviewed in the television space Today.

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Clarified, on what some say officials that he usually writes in the early morning hours, that the intention is that they see the message early the next day.

«Some of your officials say that you don’t sleep, is it true that you write at two in the morning? Asked one of the program’s panelists during the interview. To which the President replied: that is the best time to write, but it is for them to remember in the morning».

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Asked if he has always been such a person with schedules, he replied in the affirmative.

«I have always been nocturnal, and I want to tell you that a doctor told me that even that, there are human beings who call it diurnal and others nocturnal. And it is almost proven, that many start with a high energy level and go down, and others start low and go up. I am like that, I start low and I go up in the day, “he said. Abinader.

President Abiander: “It is worth it, the sacrifice is compensated there”

Before approaching the subject of the dream, they were talking about the satisfaction that comes from seeing the people’s happiness after receiving a help they had asked for or simply solving a day-to-day problem.

«When one can help and see that people’s lives are changing, there one says it is worth it, there the sacrifice is compensated. Now, one gets up every day in the morning thinking about the crisis of the day, “concluded the president.

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