Poultry production in Tarija is affected by road blockades in Santa Cruz

Poultry production in Tarija is affected by road blockades in Santa Cruz

January 12, 2023, 18:10 PM

January 12, 2023, 18:10 PM

The poultry sector is slightly affected by blockades on the highway that connects with Santa Cruz due to the delayed arrival of solvent soybeans and the baby chick, said the president of the Tarija Poultry Farmers Association, Harold Conzelmann.

According to the producer, They have been having logistics problems in both cases for days. “Solvent soy is one of the key inputs for our production, it is arriving with significant delays that affect our production. The baby chick is also arriving with more hours of travelwhich affects the health of the chick,” Conzelmann said.

The poultry farmer clarified that the affectation in Tarija is not as strong as in Cochabamba where the products do not directly arrive.

In Santa Cruz, the roadblocks that connect Yacuiba and Tarija have persisted since the end of 2022 as a result of the violent arrest of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho on charges of the alleged coup, when he led the protests after the electoral fraud detected by the Organization of American States.

Nevertheless, the poultry sector fears that the situation could be complicated in the next few days if it is decided to increase the cuts of the routes.

“If the blockades are maintained in the same way, the condition will continue to be slight, the problem is if the blockades increase and the routes are also blocked in Tarija. That will be serious for the sector, it will not enter grains and many poultry companies would not have what to give to eat their birds,” Conzelmann said.

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