The 27 topics of the convocation to extraordinary sessions of the Congress

The 27 topics of the convocation to extraordinary sessions of the Congress

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The agenda prepared by the Executive Branch for Congress to deal with in extraordinary sessions of Congress between January 23 and February 28 includes 27 topics, informed the presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti.

The list of officially released topics

➤ Bill amending subparagraph a) of article 48 of the Traffic and Road Safety Law No. 24,449 on Zero breathalyzer for driving (File Deputies 4718-D-2022 – File Senate 36-CD2022).

➤ Bill tending to establish the National System of Health Team Residences (Msje. 99/22 Exp. Senate 158-PE-2022).

➤ Bill of Law approving the National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2030 (Msje 87/22 – File Senate 121-PE-2022 – File Deputies 57-S-2022).

➤ Bill of Law through which it is promoted to carry out a series of Substitutions to the Law for the Promotion and Encouragement of Technological Innovation N° 23,877 and its amendment (Msje. 72/22 Exp. Deputies 11-PE-2022 – Exp. Senate 20-CD-2022).

– Bill tending to modify the Law of Execution of the Deprivation of Liberty Sentence No. 24,660 and its amendments (Msje. 44/21 Exp. Senate 26-PE-2021).

➤ Draft Law of Comprehensive Approach to Institutional Violence in Security and Penitentiary Services (Exp. Deputies 1010-D-2022).

➤ Treatment of Agreement required to designate the Attorney General of the Nation.

➤ Treatment of other agreements required to the Honorable Senate of the Nation.

➤ Draft Law tending to introduce modifications in the current legislation, linked to the prevention and repression of Money Laundering (LA), the Financing of Terrorism (FT) and the Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (FP) – Modifies Law No. 25,246 and its amendments (Msje. 28/22 Exp. Deputies 9-PE-2022).

➤ Bill to amend article 21 of Decree Law No. 1285/58 in order to Expand the number of members of the SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE NATION (Exp. Senate 1353-S-2022).

➤ Bill tending to modify the Law of the Council of the Magistracy -TO 1999- No. 24,937 and its amendments in accordance with the provisions of points II and III of the operative part of the ruling issued in the proceedings “Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y otro c/ EN -ley 26,080 -dto. 816/99 and others s/knowledge process”. (Msje. 128/21- Exp. Senate 151-PE-2021 – Exp. Deputies 9-S-2022).

➤ Draft Law of creation of the National Park and the Laguna El Palmar National Reserve (Senate File 2553-S-2021 – Deputies File 23-S-2022).

➤ Draft Law of creation of the “Blue Hole” Benthic Marine Protected Area. (File Deputies 1039-D2022 – File Senate 14-CD-2022).

➤ Bill of Law establishing a Differential Pension Regime for workers who work or have worked as forest or rural fire fighters in national or provincial organizations of transferred boxes (Exp Senate 75-S-2021 – Exp. Deputies 29-S-2022).

➤ Bill of Law by which the Pension Debt Payment Plan (File Senate 957-S-2022 – File Deputies 21-S-2022)

➤ Bills that provide for the creation of national universities.

➤ Bill to create the “Regime of Promotion of Federal, Inclusive, Sustainable and Export Agroindustrial Development“(Msg. 93/21- Exp. Deputies 12-PE-2021).

➤ Bill that replaces articles 23 and 45 of the Law No. 22,990 on Human Blood (File Senate 2309-S-2021 – File Deputies 80-S-2021)

➤ Bill tending to ensure the containment and accompaniment of people who receive a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 / Down syndrome, for your son or daughter in season or newborn. (File Senate 1466-S-2021 – File Deputies 85-S-2021).

➤ Bill of Law by which the Single Federal Program for Computerization and Digitization of Medical Records of the Argentine Republic (File Senate 1787-S-2019 – File Deputies 144-S-2020).

➤ Bill of Law by which the General Budget Law of Expenses and Calculation of National Administration Resources, based on article 170 of the Permanent Complementary Budget Law No. 11,672.

➤ Project of Argentine Savings Externalization Law.

➤ Bills for the Promotion of new energies, and investments with added value in the energy sector.

➤ Requests for Political trial of the members of the Supreme Court of Justice of La Nación.

➤ Bill requesting the corresponding constitutional permission for the President of the Nation to be absent from the country during the year 2023 (Msje 95/22 – Exp. Senate 143-PE-2022).

➤ Project of Law to modify the National Statistical System.

➤ Bill of Law establishing a Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers.

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