Post-pandemic: Online bus ticket sales would double in 2022

Post-pandemic: Online bus ticket sales would double in 2022

The has taken off in several Latin American countries after the . Peru is the fourth country in the region with the highest penetration of digital sales, only behind Brazil, Argentina and Chile, according to a market study carried out by the firm Pinbus. It is estimated that this 2022, as the reactivation of domestic and international tourism continues, our nation could double the sales of digital tickets.

The digital sales of the main interprovincial transport companies are reaching levels of 30%.” We have decided to come to Peru to bring greater competitiveness, new purchasing alternatives and offer a better service. As the markets digitize, they demand this type of solutions. We want the public to have more alternatives to buy bus tickets and, above all, a first class service” says Alejandro Zuluaga, Co-founder and Commercial Manager of Pinbus.

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This study coincides with the latest analysis by the Superintendency of Land Transport for People, Cargo and Goods (SUTRAN) where it is specified that interprovincial buses once again led as the preferred means of transport for vacationers with 48%, above air. that is used by 24% and the trip in own car that was displaced to a third place with 16%.

The increase in digital sales of bus tickets will also be seen throughout Latin America. Pinbus projections estimate that, by 2026, 40% of bus ticket sales will be online. This will represent an increase of 400% compared to this year.

“The arrival of Pinbus will help speed up the digitization of the sector. Our contribution is linked to the digital world and will allow anyone to buy their bus tickets online. For this we have enabled different means of payment such as credit cards, Cash Payment, payment with wallets such as Yape and Plin among others that allow people to buy a bus ticket in just 5 minutes in a safe and efficient way. Zuluaga specifies.


The work was joined by Gianluca Lapadula, Christian Cueva, Sergio Peña, Pedro Gallese and André Carrillo, who completed the list summoned by Ricardo Gareca.

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