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“Gordito Lindo” will be transferred to the Emboscada prison

From the Ministry of Justice they assured that Ortiz’s transfer was given by means of a judicial order and that it was accepted by the inmate.

The now separated director of the Tacumbú prison Manuel César Garay had asked Judge Yoan Paul López to transfer “Gordito Lindo” to the Specialized Group for security reasons, but finally the inmate will go to Ambush.

This transfer caused the atmosphere inside the Tacumbú prison to decompress, the Vice Minister of Criminal Policy of the Ministry of Justice Daniel Benítez, indicated that at this time calm returned to the National Penitentiary.

The official pointed out that all the prisoners who were out of their cells were re-entered, that the prison is currently guarded by police officers, but that apparently there will be no more incidents.

The entrance “Gordito Lindo” will be transferred to the Emboscada prison was first published in diary TODAY.

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