Félix Grullón asegura ganará presidencia PRM en SDO con 65%

Félix Grullón assures that he will win the PRM presidency in SDO with 65%

The candidate for the presidency of Game Revolutionary Modern (PRM) in Holy Sunday West, Juan Ysidro felix Grullonassured today that he would win that position with around 65% of the votes.

“If it were open we would get 90%, but it is with the delegate, we are going to win with 60 or 65% (…) I have never had to be president to find a space in the government or in the party, you do not need to be president to it’s. In the game we have to do different things; not because bad things are being done, because if I do things right, we have to do better,” he said.

By participating in the space “TODAY TV”, felix Grullon highlighted that West Santo Domingo It is the fifth most important electorally, a reason that forces us to seek closeness with businessmen and other sectors of the locality.

“The party in the municipality, which is the fifth largest in the country, must be committed to meeting with the businessmen of blacksmithas governance of a political party”, referred.

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“The churches, neighborhood associations, mothers’ clubs, every organized and unorganized force in the municipality must make them part, to listen to them.”

He added that the PRM and its municipal committee “should meet to spread the ideas among the partners and that we can together with them, listen to them and capture the best proposals in a government program of our country.”

felix Grullon warned that the strength of that political organization is transferred to the Government and the presidential candidacy of Abinader for the 2024 elections.

“If we strengthen the party, we will undoubtedly strengthen the government; and if we strengthen the Government we will strengthen the candidacy for 2024. We want to have a strong and dynamic party, and we have the qualities, the conditions and we like it”, he pointed out.

“Together, together with society, we can do extraordinary work, that is why our slogan is Together We Can Do It Better (…) For things to get done, you have to have a great team like the one we have in our municipality. Nobody does anything, just everything is done as a team, synergistically”.

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