Pompeyo Márquez and his contribution to the integration of Venezuela with Colombia and Brazil

Pompeyo Márquez and his contribution to the integration of Venezuela with Colombia and Brazil

In the framework of the centenary of the birth of Pompey Marqueza politician, journalist and fellow fighter of our founder Teodoro Petfkoff, in SuchWhich we make a forum about the contributions he made to Venezuela’s diplomatic relations with Colombia and Brazil during his tenure as Minister of State for Border Affairs, in the second government of Rafael Caldera, and as a member of the Presidential Commission for Colombo-Venezuelan Border Affairs (Copaf ), around 1994.

In the activity, carried out this Thursday, April 21, the former Venezuelan ambassadors participated Milos Alcay and Leandro Area Pereira, who shared with him work spaces to create alliances with neighboring countries and resize the diplomacy plans that were being executed in the country at that time. Both agreed that his participation was essential for the emergence of harmony between those territories and their leaders, with whom he also had very good ties.

“What characterized Pompeyo Márquez was his fight for ethics and that is why he is recognized in Venezuela and in Latin America. With Pompey, Venezuela’s border was not the Antilles sea, but each of the countries and islands that make it up” Alcalay commented, while Area explained that the acceptance of the first Venezuelan exoduses in the region is due to the payment that Márquez had previously made in his time as minister, when he also promoted foreign migration for the cultural and economic exchange of the country. .

«The work of Pompeyo Márquez was fundamental. He found a new reason to do politics in the Venezuelan scenario, which was coming », Area pointed out.

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