They premiere the new version of the contemporary classic "Cooking with Elise"

They premiere the new version of the contemporary classic "Cooking with Elise"

The director of “Cooking with Elisa”, Mariana Giovine (Press Photo)

Mariana Giovin is responsible for a new version of “Cooking with Elise“, the award-winning work that Lucía Larangione wrote in 1993 and had its premiere in Madrid in 1995 to arrive in Argentina in 1997 with a staging by Villanueva Cosse and protagonists by Normas Pons and Ana Yovino.

The version directed by Giovine just premiered at Beckett Theater (Guardia Vieja 3556) performed by Gabriela Villalonga and Luciana Procaccini and can be seen on Saturdays at 6:30 p.m.

Winner of the first edition of the María Teresa León Prize for dramatic authors awarded by the Association of Stage Directors of Spain in 1994, “Cooking with Elisa” It had countless versions in its course in the country and abroad, directed among others by Paco Redondo (2004), Ezequiel Ludueña, Stella Maris Closas (2008), and Jorge Vega (2006 to 2011).

“The emphasis in this new version is on the relationship between these two characters and on this question that I think the play asks, and that is why sometimes we allow ourselves to be mistreated, why sometimes workers identify with those who oppress us. before with the partner or the partner”Mariana Giovin

The scenario is known: a kitchen where two women, one adult (Nicole) and one young (Elisa), work and cook exotic dishes for the gentlemen.

There they spend their hours loneliness and although their class condition and the relationship of submission what do they have about their patterns the eldest denies her condition, brags about her culinary knowledge and violent to the young.

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Between ingredients and recipes one will be built stormy relationshipwhich explores the power linksthe jealousythe envy and the emotions most hidden of these characters, and will allow us to take a look at the recondite world of the human miseries.

“The emphasis in this new version is in the relationship of these two characters and in this question that it seems to me that the work is done and it is why sometimes we let ourselves be mistreatedwhy sometimes workers and workers us we identify with those who oppress us rather than with our partner“, tells the director Mariana Giovine to Télam.

Actress, teacher and director, Giovine emphasizes that the work carries with it “an allusion through the metaphor of the kitchen to the Argentine civic-military dictatorship and all its horrors that happened at that time, especially regarding the baby grabwhich is an issue that crosses us and that we must continue talking about”.

“In the staging we also kept an eye on the fact that despite the dark and sinister areas that the work goes through – Giovine points out – there are traits of humor and generate through the work of scenery and lighting a particular world that belongs to this staging”.

“Cooking with Elisa” can be seen Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. at Beckett Theater (Guardia Vieja 3556), stars Gabriela Villalonga and Luciana Procaccini, is directed by Mariana Giovine; directing assistance from Luis Cardozo and Juani Pascua; costume and set design: by Alejandro Mateo; lighting design by Fernando Chacoma, original music by Martín Pavlovsky, photography by Gabriel Insaurralde and production by Marina Kryzczuk.

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