Political prisoner Nidia Barbosa remains hospitalized for heart problems

Political prisoner Nidia Barbosa remains hospitalized for heart problems

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy reported on Tuesday that the 66-year-old opponent Nidia Barbosa, who was arrested on November 6, is admitted to a hospital in Masaya, with hypertension and heart disease. In addition, “it presents musculoskeletal and joint problems,” they add.

According to the Civic Alliance, an organization to which Barbosa belongs, she was sent to the hospital last Saturday after the “trial hearing was held, accused under the Special Cybercrime Law, with false witnesses and without the presence of a defense attorney. ”.

The Special Cybercrime Law, promoted by the Sandinistas and in force since December 30, 2020, establishes penalties of one to ten years in prison for citizens charged with cybercrimes that go against “state security.”

The rule, made up of 48 articles, proposes to punish with prison the propagation of false or misrepresented news that causes alarm, fear, anxiety in the population or a group or sector of it or a family.

The Civic Alliance also indicated that, after Barbosa’s capture, one day before the general elections on November 7, “regime agents raided her home without finding incriminating evidence.”

“We demand the immediate release and respect for the physical and mental integrity of our member,” demanded that body.

They capture the political prisoner Edder Muñoz

The Civic Alliance also denounced the arrest of former political prisoner Edder Muñoz, from the city of Masaya. Whose arrest, executed by 13 officers of the Directorate of Special Operations, was recorded in the security cameras of his home.

Edder’s mother, Socorro Centeno, described her son’s arrest to CONFIDENTIAL as “something horrible.” The officers raided the house and “they put him face down, beat him hard, tied him up and put him in his room. There they put the drug on him. He told me that when they were dating, that they had put drugs on him because they let no one see us when they were there, ”he stressed.

For its part, the Civic Alliance pointed out that “thinking differently is not a crime,” while demanding the freedom of the opposition activist. “Enough of arbitrary imprisonment!” Demanded the opposition organization.

This is the third time that Muñoz has been arrested by the Police. Earlier, in September 2019, he was detained for several hours and later released. The first time was in December 2018, but he was released under the questioned Amnesty Law. The released prisoner had denounced before the Permanent Commission on Human Rights (CPDH) that he was a victim of harassment and persecution by the Police.

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