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Political prisoner in house confinement remains in a “legal limbo”

Luis Andrés Domínguez Sardiñas, preso político

Havana Cuba. – Cuban political prisoner Luis Andrés Domínguez Sardiñas assured to CubaNet who remains in a “legal limbo” since his release in October 2022. The regime still keeps the activist in house confinement.

“According to what my lawyer told me, the Attorney General of the Republic returned my file to the State Security instructors, and my file is in Villa Marista due to lack of elements [pruebas]”, explained Domínguez Sardiñas.

The activist added that State Security still has his cell phone seized, despite the fact that the crime of “enemy propaganda” that the island’s authorities are trying to accuse him of has not been proven.

“When I was arrested on February 24 [de 2022] They occupy my phone with the aim of reviewing it and trying to get evidence, etc. But it is clear that my phone does not have any problem… In my opinion, the State Security organs stole my phone,” denounced the political prisoner.

In this sense, he added that his lawyer will file a written claim with the authorities to demand a legal response to his case. “If I have nothing to do with the crimes that are charged to me, then why do they have me in house arrest and my phone is busy?” the interviewee wondered.

Domínguez Sardiñas was arrested by State Security on February 24, 2022 for allegedly attempting to carry out vandalism, according to the initial version of State Security.

“According to State Security, my arrest originates from the fact that they received a message saying that I was the head of a clandestine cell of 10 people and that we were going to turn patrol cars around, break windows, kill policemen, something that of course is not true because I am human rights activist and I am peaceful”, stressed the opponent.

He also explained that State Security changed the crime charged against him on two occasions due to lack of legal support. However, he was confined for eight months in the prison of big Valley and is currently in home confinement.

“I am imprisoned in the house. What the papers they gave me when they released me say is that I am accused of ‘enemy propaganda’, but I don’t even know what I’m being accused of, first a clandestine cell, then ‘disrespect’ and now this, so I really don’t know,” he said.

Domínguez Sardiñas is a member of the “Orlando Zapata Tamayo” Civic Action Front. To date, he has five imprisonments for political reasons.

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