Police report three uniformed officers injured and two teachers arrested in protest of the Teachers

Police report three uniformed officers injured and two teachers arrested in protest of the Teachers

Modified firecrackers is what the masters used in his protest this Wednesday in front of the Ministry of Education. The explosives caused three police officers injured and two teachers arrestedaccording to the police report.

“Two teachers were arrested for carrying modified firecrackers, but because dialogue must prevail, both were freed. We have three troops injured by the attack by the teachers,” said the departmental commander of the La Paz Police, Israel Villca.

The teachers planned a march and vigil at the Ministry of Education and they went down from the highway bridge, they toured the entire center of La Paz in the middle of the rain. The marchers did not stop their protest and came soaked to the vicinity of the Ministry.

like last week, the threats of boxing began. The educators managed to overcome the rope barriers that the Police had placed.

The fray started with pepper gas that the police used against the women who stood in front of the troops. When the situation worsened, they launched tear gas and once again the UTOP troops dispersed the demonstrators. They chased them for several blocks on motorcycles causing chaos among the protesters.

For two hours, teachers and police clashed in the streets adjacent to the Ministry of Education and the leaders reported that a letter had arrived from the minister, Edgar Pary, with the response to his counterproposal last week

This document will be discussed at the conference which will take place tomorrow at the Casa Social del Maestro in La Paz and after the analysis of the letter the strategy they will follow on Friday when they carry out the 24-hour strike will be analyzed which is approved.

Pair this Thursday a march and blockade is planned in the city of Cochabamba, organized by the Central Obrera Departamental (COD) in support of the demands of the Teachers. The teachers demand the replacement of the missing items. According to their explanations, several teachers work up to 120 hours a month, but only get paid for 90 or 100 hours.

In addition, there are teachers who must teach classes in two totally different subjectsthe State did not solve these problems for years and that is why now they want the allocation of 10,000 items and the Executive offered 3,300.

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