Chamber approves extension of temporary contracts in Agriculture

Chamber approves extension of temporary contracts in Agriculture

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday (16) the provisional measure (MP) that extends temporary staff contracts to meet the needs of the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS). The MP will be sent to the Senate.Chamber approves extension of temporary contracts in Agriculture

At the Ministry of Agriculture, 215 contracts for veterinarians will be extended for another two years from the expiration date of each one. These professionals work in the inspection of the slaughter of animals.

According to the MP’s justification, veterinarians work in slaughterhouses and, if they are dismissed, “companies will be left without inspection in the exams”, putting “the health of consumers of products offered by the various establishments throughout the country at imminent risk, in addition to of commercial losses for Brazil regarding the export of meat, for example”.

At ANS, 55 contracts were extended until November 25 this year. Employees on temporary contracts work in the reimbursement collections of health plans whose users used the structure of the Unified Health System (SUS).

In the justification, the government also says that the activity would have a 60% reduction in personnel. “[Teria também] the drop in collection and, consequently, a decrease in the amounts transferred to the FNS [Fundo Nacional de Saúde]. In this regard, the regulatory agency projects that, without the work of temporary employees, there may be a drop of up to BRL 141.79 million in the transfer of funds to the FNS in 2023 and, for 2024, a difference of up to BRL 159.51 million compared to what was expected with the service of these contributors.”

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