Part of the 33,000 Police officers launched today to patrol in the operation

Police launch 33,000 officers on patrol

The Police launched today the operation “Christmas with Moderation and Responsibility 2022”, made up of more than 33,000 police officers and around 3,000 members of the Armed Forces who will reinforce actions to prevent crime. The measure will be extended until January 10, 2023

The director of the institution, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, stated that “the mission is to use everyone who carries a Police card to jointly with the Armed Forces guarantee the safety of the population.”

He stressed that the initiative will have the support of the Ministry of Defense and the Central Directorates of Criminal Investigations and Intelligence (Dicrim and Dintel).

Part of the 33,000 Police officers launched today to patrol in the operation “Christmas with Moderation and Responsibility 2022” will have the support of more than three thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces

He assured that preventive actions include the increase in patrols throughout the national territory, in order to guarantee the safety of citizens.

“This Christmas with Moderation and Responsibility 2022 operation aims to strengthen prevention and increase security levels before, during and after the celebration of the end of the year festivities and the Holy Kings,” he pointed out.

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He argued that thousands of police officersbacked by members of other State security agencies, will remain vigilant to avoid any type of incidence involving acts of violence, acts of robbery and other crimes, which become more recurrent during the Christmas festivities.

He stressed that the heads of the different regional directorates were instructed to coordinate with the commanders of brigades, naval and air zones of the Armed Forces, for the purpose of carrying out joint operations in the prevention of crimes and crimes.


He also indicated that the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (Digesett) has the responsibility of preventing accidents, keeping the vehicular flow controlled during the movement of citizens inland.

Institutional mission of the Police

“The General Directorate of the National Police establishes through memorandum No. 39718 that, from Monday, December 5, 2022 until Tuesday, January 10, 2023, to faithfully comply with preventive measures, investigation and intelligence work 24 hours a day. of the day in the main commercial arteries, squares, highways, avenues, highways, tourist areas and residential areas, in order to increase the existing security levels throughout the country, before, during and after the celebrations of Christmas Eve, New Year and Santos Reyes”, says the institution.


The Vice Minister of the Interior and Police Jesús Félix urged the agents to act with respect and moderation during patrolling.

He said that these are the direct instructions of President Luis Abinader to safeguard lives.

He indicated that since the new management led by Major General Then “the videos of police officers acting against the citizenry have finished.”

He added that “this tells us that the police reform process is taking leaps and bounds because the instructions to guarantee people’s human rights are reaching all agents,” he said.

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