Peruvian exports fall 6.50% in October due to lower performance of the mining sector

Peruvian exports fall 6.50% in October due to lower performance of the mining sector

The during October they would have added US$ 5,170 million, which showed a 6.50% drop in relation to the same month of 2021, according to preliminary figures from the Institute for Foreign Trade Research and Development of the (Idexcam).

According to the union, this negative result responds mostly to a lower performance of the mining sector, which has a participation of 53.48% of exports.

In October, shipments from this sector totaled US$ 2,765 million, which represented a drop of 12.43%. This is derived from the drop in international mineral prices”, stated the Idexcam.

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In that month, exports of copper minerals and their concentrates stood out, of which 784,847 tons (23.94%) were sent for US$ 1,368 million (-11.56%); followed by gold bars, 43 tons (31.95%) for US$ 626 million (-4.98%); refined copper cathodes, 17,776 tons (-27.01%) for US$ 136 million (-42.09%).

The union maintained that another relevant sector for Peru is non-traditional agriculture, which in October had an increase of 10.83%, since it totaled US$ 877 million.

Among the main product lines, fresh blueberries stood out, 72,630 tons (23.43%) for US$ 351 million (14.84%); fresh grapes, 39,834 tons (26.65%) for US$ 98 million (28.77%); and fresh asparagus, 13,479 million (-13.95%) for US$ 37 million (-18.35%).

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Idexcam maintained that, among the 10 main destinations, five were those that showed an increase compared to October 2021. These were: the United States with US$ 799 million (7.38%); Canada, US$283 million (5.44%); Japan, US$203 million (14.97%); Switzerland, US$149 million (3.09%); and Ecuador, US$ 122 million (46.44%).

Meanwhile, although China positioned itself as the main destination of our exports with US$ 1,654 million, it registered a fall of 6.31%, compared to the same month of 2021. The Netherlands also presented setbacks, US$ 207 million (-19.46%) ; India, US$192 million (-26.23%); Chile, US$159 million (-0.97%); and the United Kingdom, US$ 126 million (-43.48%).


The rise in prices of the products of the basic family basket has led the Executive Branch to announce an economic subsidy.

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