Police arrested with weapons in Brazil was released and returned to national territory

Police arrested with weapons in Brazil was released and returned to national territory

August 5, 2022, 9:19 AM

August 5, 2022, 9:19 AM

Second Lieutenant Alexander VC, arrested for carrying weapons in Brazilian territorywas released and returned to national territory, according to the commander of the Pando Police, Julio Monrroy.

The uniformed man had been arrested for allegedly supplying the equipment to criminal gangs, although from the institution of order it was clarified that it was transporting the supplies for maintenance.

“With the corresponding disclaimers and explanation, the precautionary judge has released the second lieutenant, who is already here in the Command Departmental of Pando”, indicated the police chief, according to radio Erbol report.

Likewise, the judicial authority decided to return the weapons that the second lieutenant was carryingbecause the corresponding documentation was sent that proved that the transfer responded to superior orders.

The uniformed man was arrested during a patrol in the State of Acre in Brazil. It was verified that he was carrying firearms, gas and bulletproof vests in a vehicle.which had to reach Cobija from Mapajo.

The second lieutenant took Brazilian roads because the Bolivian route is impassable. Previously, he made the same transfer, but with the authorization of Brazilian authorities, something that did not happen this time.

Commander He also ruled out the versions that the second lieutenant had provided weapons for criminal groups, as published in Brazilian media. As an argument, he stated that the arrest was in a casual control and not in a specific operation.

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