¡Alivio para el bolsillo! Gobierno congela los precios de combustibles 

Pocket relief! Government freezes fuel prices

For the week from May 28 to June 3, 2022, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MiPymes provides that fuels be marketed at the following prices:

  • Premium gasoline will be sold at RD$293.60 per gallon, maintaining its price.
  • Regular Gasoline RD$274.50 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Regular Diesel RD$221.60 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Optimum Diesel RD$241.10 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Avtur RD$298.91 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Kerosene RD$338.10 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Fuel Oil #6 RD$192.11 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Fuel Oil 1%S RD$211.77 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) RD$147.60 per gallon maintains its price.
  • Natural Gas RD$28.97 per m3 maintains its price.

The Dominican government maintains its fuel subsidy plan with more than RD$1,063 million, preventing gasoline, gas and diesel from increasing up to 80 pesos during this week, as announced by the Deputy Minister of Internal Trade, Ramón Pérez Fermín.

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As of Wednesday, May 25, the international price of WTI averaged US$111.17, for a slight increase of 0.5% in relation to the average of the previous week, which amounted to US$110.56, with WTI reflecting an accumulated increase of 43.0%.

“Given the complex panorama, the government of President Luis Abinader remains determined to protect the pockets of Dominicans, giving continuity to subsidies for all fuels and assuming 100% of the increases,” Pérez explained.

He stressed that this action prevents the Dominican from paying increases ranging from 6.50 per gallon in the case of LPG, 71 pesos per gallon if we talk about Premium Gasoline; almost 80 pesos for Regular Gasoline and almost 74 pesos per gallon for Regular and Optimal Gasoil.

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