Peruvians postpone the purchase of electrical appliances due to the country's uncertainty

Peruvians postpone the purchase of electrical appliances due to the country’s uncertainty

The rise in food prices in the as well as the that the country lives, has been impacting the demand in the sector . Along these lines, Javier Ugarte, general manager of Indurama and president of the Committee of Merchants of Appliances of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (), warned that Peruvians began to postpone the purchase of electrical appliances in order to meet their priority expenses.

“That is why they have been choosing to extend the useful life of their electrical appliances. And it is that not knowing what is going to happen, and looking pessimistically at the near future, they postpone expenses that are not essential, since they can continue using the ones they already have without problems”he pointed.

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Due to the situation, sales of appliances in the Mother’s Day campaign, the second most important of the year for the sector, fell 20% compared to the same period in 2021, managing to move only S / 700 million, said the representative of Indurama.

“Only in the week before the celebration compared to the same season last year, sales fell 17%, and in the week from May 9 to 15, they decreased 22%. Even on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, when stores historically have peak billing, this time there were few people buying. The sale of this campaign weighs 10% of the annual turnover of the sector”said.

The market would have a stock of electrical appliances, which will mean that imports in the third quarter of the year are lower than those of July-September 2021. “It is that also in the first half of the year, compared to the same period of 2021, commercialization is expected to decrease by 14%, billing S / 3,850 million. And in volume the drop will be 30%. And it is that the prices of artifacts have been rising between 10% and 12%”Ugarte noted.

One of the product categories that most decreased its commercialization in this period is computing, indicated the general manager of Indurama. It is that between January and June 2021, the demand for this category grew “a lot”, due to work and study from home.


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