For Baudean "this parade has generated a very important impact" at an international level

For Baudean “this parade has generated a very important impact” at an international level

The National Director of Tourism Roque Baudean was in Colonia to witness Ágatha Ruiz de La Prada’s fashion show at the Plaza de Toros del Real de San Carlos.

In this regard, the hierarch expressed his gratitude to “the mayor of Colonia, for the work done so that this could be achieved; also thank the company Buquebus, Montes del Plata and +Colonia, which in one way or another made this possible together with the Ministry of Tourism and the commune; also thank Agatha (Ruiz de la Prada), for honoring us with her work and her presence in our city”, he began by saying.

Then, Baudean pondered the relevance of the parade by saying that “it is one of the most important impacts, which shows that we are qualified to be able to hold top-level international events.”

“The projection and the impact that we knew this parade was going to generate, was what really gave us strength and drove us to organize this event in such a short time, but it leaves us with the peace of mind and the satisfaction that everything went very well, of unbeatable way as all of you could appreciate”, he asserted.

Regarding the diversity of tourism in our department, Baudean reflected that “the level of conference and event tourism in Cologne today is going to allow the city’s hotel equation to change. It is known that most of the stays take place during the weekends, for this reason it is also necessary to know how to attract the public of congresses and events, taking advantage of the conditions of the city in terms of having accommodation and the sale of services, with all the spill that means, from Monday to Friday,” he said.

He stressed that “this is going to be a medium-term job, like all the events and congresses in the world,” declared the National Director of Tourism Roque Baudean.

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