PN kills the Fearful of Herrera;  last Venezuelan in Pantoja

PN kills the Fearful of Herrera; last Venezuelan in Pantoja

an alleged offender who was wanted by means of several arrest warrants fell dejected when allegedly confronting a patrol attached to the Central Investigation Directorate (Dicrim) of the Policeman National in Pantoja, Santo Domingo Oeste.

According to a press release from the Policeman National, it is about Kelvin Junior Feliz aka Chele and/or El Temible de Herrera, 24 years oldwho resided in the Buenos Aires de Herrera sector and was accused of armed robbery and killing the Venezuelan Javir Gonzales Mata, 26 years old, last Saturday December 24, Christmas Eve.

He is also accused of causing a firearm wound after the Policeman, Rafi Marcelinointercepted on April 4, 2020 by the deceased today and Diego Manuel Lasose Tineo (submitted), who stripped him of his regulation weapon and caused him a bullet wound to the leg, added the note from the uniformed woman.

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According to the preliminary report, “the acting agents made contact with the aforementioned while they were doing their routine patrol work on the first street of Villa María de Pantoja, where he, upon noticing the police presence, began a shooting attack against them without mediate words, which gave rise to a chase and a confrontation, in which he was left with the injuries that caused his death”.

After the fact, the alleged antisocial was seized a Sig Sawer brand pistol, 9mm caliber, series No. 97F22958, with its charger and two capsules.

The second shot down in the last few hours

The nicknamed The Fearsome of Herrera is the second assumption offender who falls shot by agents of the Policeman in the last hours. The institution reported that in the early hours of yesterday, Tuesday, he also killed Raymundo Vizcaíno (Ray and/or El Flaco), 21 years oldby “shooting a police patrol” that tried to arrest him when he was traveling in a taxi on Francisco del Rosario Sánchez street, near the bridge of the same name (17 bridge), Los Guandules sector of the capital.

Vizcaíno died while receiving medical attention at the Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital, said the Policeman.

He added that he was wanted for various facts, including the death of Dabel de Jesús Zapata Rosa, son of congressman Darío Zapata, during an alleged robbery.

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