Dina Boluarte speaks loud and clear: "No more cabinets in the shadows"

Dina Boluarte speaks loud and clear: “No more cabinets in the shadows”

Without mincing words. The president participated this Wednesday, December 28, in the extraordinary session of the High Level Anti-Corruption Commission and emphasized that in his transition government there will be no “shadow cabinets”, in clear reference to Pedro Castillo and his advisers, who were imprisoned for crimes from .

“The fight against corruption must start at home. In these 21 days of our government we have taken important steps in that sense and in that direction. The country has witnessed it,” Boluarte said.

The president also mentioned that the cabinet’s oath against corruption “will not be a salute to the flag. It will not remain a dead letter, it is not an oath for the rostrum, as has been done so many times in the past. It will be strictly enforced.”

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“We have ordered the restructuring of the presidential office in order to bring order and show transparent work within the framework of a frontal fight against corruption. No more cabinets in the shadows. We have a single cabinet of ministers and ministers of State committed to the country, ”she added.

Boluarte also called on Peruvians, because “the frontal fight against corruption and impunity requires the participation of citizens.” With this impetus, the president said she maintained a “firm commitment” to “correct past mistakes” and build a reliable country to which we all aspire.

“Despite being a transitional government, we will not be on autopilot. It will be a government of action so as not to leave things as they are. After putting the house in order, we are going to adopt concrete and effective measures in health, education, drinking water, agriculture, security, economic reactivation to improve the living conditions of our population, ”he added.


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