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PLD fears approval of the Trust Law, says Pacheco

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The Senate of the Republic would have approved on May 25 of this year, in a second reading, the bill that establishes the applicable regime for the regulation of the public trust in the Dominican Republic in the midst of extensive discussions that generated the withdrawal of the benches of the Fuerza del Pueblo and Dominican Liberation parties.

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco, denied the accusations made by different political groups regarding the Public Trust Bill, while affirming that there is “every disposition” to make modifications.

In a call made to the Hoy Mismo program, Pacheco indicated that it is not true that the piece intends to violate the Purchase and Contract Law, as well as other statements made by the opposition.

He said that the law approved in the Senate It has made it clear in its articles that it will be governed by the purchasing law. “There are some observations that we said that we were going to know about yesterday in the commission because we want it to be clearly established that it is governed by the purchasing law.”

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In this order, the president of the House of Representativess stated that “wanting to say that they wanted to approve it yesterday is an attitude that I deplore, because those of us who are in the middle know that the deputies are in the discussion phase that a commission is discussing the issue and that each of these aspects is on the table in the discussion.

“Article 15 clearly establishes that the supervision and regulation of trusts is established by the Superintendency of Banks, but also article 14 is also quite clear because it clearly and decisively establishes what is related to the law of Buying and Hiring”.

Articles 11, 13, 02, 07, 06 are under discussion. Of course, there are some details that the political parties have asked to be taken into consideration and precisely yesterday we had a discussion open.

So, before the discussion takes place, there is a media frenzy that has created a stir and I would not like to think that they want to boycott this law when we are in the process of discussion and consensus in the Chamber of Deputies.

We have shown in the approval of laws more important than this one, that we always seek to achieve consensus. We had decided that the discussion was going to continue after the year’s festivities, so saying in a tweet that it is intended as giving a stalked stick, trying to approve a trust law is inappropriate.

We are currently immersed in the discussion of important laws such as the electoral law, that an agreement has been reached to refer it for study. To do this, we will listen to the body that is going to administer the law and take its observations into consideration.

That is why I emphasize that in the Chamber of Deputies we are working before the end of the legislature that expires on January 12. We are not trying to give a stalking stick because all the political parties are participating.

Even yesterday we had a long day with the coordinating commission in which there is representation from all the political parties and deciding what we are going to do with each of these important laws.

What we are doing is responding to the call of a large part of the population to regulate trusts because previously they were an open letter because there was no regulation.

political tremendousness

“Let him stop his tremendousism, that with that he does not become political,” he warned in reference to the vice president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Juan Ariel Jiménez.

For the former Minister of Economy, Juan Ariel Jiménez, the public trust bill, which was approved in the Senate and has now passed to the Chamber of Deputies, has a fundamental problem, more than a semantic one, as argued about the position raised by the former official of the Dominiana Liberation Party (PLD).
Juan Ariel Jiménez, Vice President of the PLD

He attributed Jiménez to being out of place and unaware of the process for the approval of a law as important as that of the Trust because he lives outside the country.

In his government, he stressed, the trusts were an open letter without any type of regulation. Now the aim is precisely to regulate them, with the consensus and participation of the majority of the political forces, which was not done when Jiménez was Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, and instead they imposed the majority of it.

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