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Project announced by Lacalle is “highly inconvenient”

Edgardo Ortuño, director of SBI by the FA, he referred to the sanitation project for 61 localitiesjustified his negative vote and said that he “defunds” the entity.

This Wednesday the Government announced the approval of a first stage of construction of sanitation networks in 61 localities in the 18 departments of the interior of the country, which together with the OSE Neptuno project would mean, according to the Environment Minister, Adrián Peña, “ the most important environmental investment in the history of the country”.

This news was communicated by President Luis Lacalle Pou at a press conference, after the OSE board voted and approved the project, which will be a private initiative whose tender will be launched in February.

The director of OSE for the Broad Front, Edgardo Ortuño, issued a statement on the “universal sanitation project” in which he justified his negative vote on the initiative.

Ortuño stated that it is “a highly inconvenient privately managed project, with a huge cost that underfunds OSE.”

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