Do you want to invest your free money in land?  Follow these expert tips

Do you want to invest your free money in land? Follow these expert tips

December is the most anticipated month for many, not only because of the holidays, but because those who have their own businesses will know that it is a high season for sales and people with jobs as dependents will receive the second of the year. Spending this money is a great temptation, but if you are one of those who think about the future, investing it can be a great idea.

Many specialists highlight investing in land, particularly in times of high inflation like the current one, and even more so for families who want to have their own home. Along these lines, Centenario Urbanizaciones specialists provide some advice to ensure that the investment in land will be the best:

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  1. Identify a formal urbanization for the construction of your land: This point is key because only formal urbanizations can guarantee a good investment and offer a better quality of life for your family. Formal urbanizations offer important advantages: they have the services available, the property papers in order and the essential soil and risk studies. Most of the urbanizations in the cities of Peru are informal, so you have to be careful when buying from a formal and prestigious company to avoid future problems.
  2. Investigate various options: Find out about different alternatives to make a decision. This may include visits to the same developments. Make sure that the options you evaluate have the backing of a real estate agency with a track record and experience. You can visit other developments of the developer to analyze the quality of their projects. Also make sure that the options you are analyzing have the corresponding authorization to carry out your housing project.
  3. Choose a strategic location: Look for areas close to main avenues, commercial spaces, educational centers and the services that your family needs on a day-to-day basis. If a development offers these spaces, it will be more attractive to live in and it will be a better investment. A piece of land will appreciate more if it is in an area of ​​urban expansion.
  4. Request information on soil and risk studies: These are necessary to have a quality soil, something essential to have safe constructions and, therefore, to ensure a good property value. Ask the real estate agency in charge of the project for the corresponding studies. Verify that works have been carried out to mitigate the identified risks. These studies are a guarantee that your home will be built on well-worked soil.
  5. Build a safe home and take care of the designGet advice from construction professionals so that your home has a strong foundation. This will offer your family the security it deserves, and also constitutes a guarantee that your home will be a good investment. In addition, the design and care of the façade, of the interiors, and of the urbanization in general, are factors that add a lot of value to a property.


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